I can help you design, set up and create a website, working perfectly on all devices. Normally I work with Wordpress, but if you have something else in mind, let's do that!


Do you want to increase the image of your brand through video? Then let's brainstorm the best idea and then just make it happen!


I don't like limits. If there's anything you need help with when it comes to your digital presence, I'm here for you. And if I can't do it, I know someone who can.

Who am I?

Someone once told me that I need to focus on one thing and pretty much give up on the rest, in order to become the best in something. At that very moment I realised that that's not the way I work and the way I work is something I should embrace. Because you see, I like to do so much and I need to do all of it in order to feel alive. So I do what Oprah told me instead, mounting the high wire.

I'm super stoked that I found a way to combine most of my interests and with those, help people. And, I'm not going to lie, it feels pretty good to be able to make a living out of it too.

And my interest then?

I'm a creative person, living to write no matter if it's code or words. Today I'm fluent in HTML, CSS and JS, which makes me able to create a good looking, functional website. This hobby of mine also made me a writer (you can check out my book here).

I love photography and video, making me very skilled in Photoshop and video editing programs. And behind the camera of course.

And SOCIAL MEDIA! There's so much more to social media than a tweet, facebook post or an image on Instagram. The opportunities are endless and everyday there's something new to learn. I FREAKING LOVE IT.

This is not all of it, but I believe that this is enough to help you create or expand your digital presence.

Hit me gently with an email and we take it from there. I'm really looking forward to it!



Programming, wordpress. Agency: Madder Designer: Lina Forsgren

This Colorful World

Design and programming, wordpress. Agency: The Beatnik Group

Filip Reineby

Design and programming, wordpress.

Ingmarie Halling

Design and programming, squarespace. Agency: The Beatnik Group


Programming, wordpress. Agency: Madder


Programming, wordpress. Agency: Madder

Det Flata Racket

Design and programming, wordpress.


Design and programming, wordpress

Rakel Rask

Consulting and web editor

The Vicktorious

Design and programming, wordpress (also founder)


Design and programming, wordpress

Johanna Petterssons Photography

Design and programming, wordpress

DJ Gunn Lundemo

Posters, fb-covers


Do you need help with your brand? Or maybe you just want to focus on what you do best and leave all this "computer-things" do someone else? Or maybe you just think that I seem pretty fun to work with and wants to start a project or something with me?

For whatever reason, send me an email and we take it from there! Let's mount the high wire!